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Machineoperation, Machineusage, machine operator, machine-operator, machineoperator, plant operator, plant-operator, plantoperator, Operator, Worker, Engineer, User, Driver, and Technican

Automotive engineer

Automotive engineer, Automotiveindustries, Automotivesupplier, Vehicleindustries, Engine, Enginetechnology, Engine, Automotive Engineering, Aircraft construction, Aircraft construction, Motor vehicle construction, and Motor vehicle construction


Maintenance, Customersevice, Installation, Machinefailure, Spareparts, Maintainer, Installer, Mechanic, Machinedowntime, Machinechange, and Turnaround


Construction, Construtionplan, Circuitplan, CAD, AutoCAD, CAM, Inventor, CATIA, Moldtech, Designengineer, Architect, and Systemsdesigner

Plant manager

Plant manager, Plant-manager, Plantmanager, shift manager, shift-manager, shiftmanager, site manager, site-manager, sitemanager, manager, branch manager, branch-manager, and branchmanager